Drinking-water quality

This section provides data about drinking-water quality and health in New Zealand. Find out about population access to drinking-water and human health effects.

About drinking-water quality and health

Information about drinking-water quality, and how it affects our health.

Indicators at a glance: Drinking-water quality

Summary of the latest indicators for drinking-water quality and health.

Drinking-water quality


Access to safe drinking-water

Statistics on the population with access to safe drinking-water in New Zealand.


Water-borne diseases related to drinking-water

Statistics on three potentially water-borne diseases in New Zealand: campylobacteriosis, cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis.

Water fluoridation


Access to fluoridated drinking-water

Statistics about the population with access to fluoridated water in New Zealand.


Oral health of children

Statistics on the oral health of children living in fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas in New Zealand.