Population vulnerability

This section provides information about our population and its connection with the environment.

Explore information about populations that affect, or that are affected by, the environment.  Discover which groups of the population are more vulnerable to particular environmental hazards.

About population and environmental health

Explains why population information is important for environmental health.

About natural hazards

This section gives background information about natural hazards in New Zealand and how it affects our health.


What are vulnerable populations?

Identifies population groups who are more at risk from environmental hazards in New Zealand.


Population size and change

Statistics on where people live and changes over time. Explains how population size and growth can affect the environment and our health.


Age profile

Describes the age structure of New Zealand’s population. Explains why children and older adults are more at risk from environmental hazards.


Ethnic profile

Describes the ethnic distribution of New Zealand's population. Explains why some ethnic groups are more at risk from environmental hazards. 


Socioeconomic deprivation profile

Describes the New Zealand Index of Deprivation (NZDep). Explains why people living in more deprived areas are more susceptible to environmental risks.  


Urban–rural profile

Describes the urban-rural profile of the New Zealand population. Explains the environmental hazards people living in urban and rural areas are exposed to. 


People living with a disability

Describes why people with pre-existing health conditions are more at risk from environmental hazards.

Single parent image

Single-parent families

Single-parent families are more vulnerable to environmental hazards