2024 Virtual Conference

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Wednesday, 24 & Thursday, 25 July

 Ben Goldacre


Keynote speaker: Professor Ben Goldacre  

Better, Broader, Safer: Using Health Data for Research and Analysis

Professor Goldacre is Director of Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science, University of Oxford and his academic and policy work is in informatics, epidemiology and evidence-based medicine. He produced a landmark report on data analysis in the UK health sector, Better, broader, safer: using health data for research and analysis, 7 April 2022, which was presented, The Goldacre Review – Progress to date,  at the UK’s first Health and Care Analytics Conference (HACA 2023).  


Themes for this years conference are:

Session 1: Bad Science, Bad Evidence

Session 2: Tales from the Frontline of Health Intelligence

Session 3: The Future of Health Intelligence

Session 4: The Implications of AI for Health Intelligence


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