High concentrations of PM₁₀ are far more common in the South Island

There is a clear divide between the two main islands of New Zealand, with higher than recommended concentrations of PM10 being much more common in the South Island than in the North.

Key facts:

  • In 2020, 18 stations (out of 56 total) exceeded the latest WHO guidance for annual average PM10 concentrations; 14 of these stations were in the South Island
  • In 2020, 15 monitoring stations exceeded the NESAQ limit for daily PM10 concentrations, most of which (12 stations) were in the South Island
  • Between 2005 and 2020, 69% of all exceedances of the NESAQ daily limit occurred during winter and a further 19% in autumn.


Read more in our latest factsheet 'Particulate matter concentrations (PM₁₀): https://www.reports.esriuk.com/view-report/4e0791bef2e949929958f8f2c0181ece/NZ

Or view the PDF version here: https://ehinz.ac.nz/assets/Factsheets/Released_2022/PM10-concentrations_112022.pdf