Oil still dominates NZ's energy consumption landscape

We have updated our 'Energy in New Zealand' surveillance report, detailing trends in energy consumption across different fuel types and the economic sectors that consume them. 

These are the key facts:

  • New Zealand consumed 543.7 PJ of energy in 2022, a slight (0.2%) decrease relative to 2021. 
  • The industrial sector consumed its lowest quantity of energy in ten years, continuing a decline that began in 2020.
  • The amount of per capita energy used in all sectors except transport decreased compared with 1990, reflecting more sustainable or efficient uses of energy.
  • Oil remains the primary fuel type used in New Zealand, with as much energy consumed as oil as in all other forms combined in 2022, mainly in the domestic transport sector.

Read the report here: https://ehinz.ac.nz/assets/Factsheets/Released_2024/EnergyUse2024.pdf